Let’s Talk Cats Workshops!

Paris hid a lot in a litter box at our local shelter. Being given the choice of when to interact was key to her heart. She is now happily living in a home.

Join fellow cat lovers and myself as we talk about cat behavior or training. The even months will focus on behavior and the odd months will focus on training. Each month will have a theme.

August Chat

Ever had or worked with cats with mismatched personalities? For example, a kitten versus a senior, a low arousal cat versus a high-arousal cat, or a timid cat versus an outgoing cat? Join me to talk about the topic on Saturday, August 20, at 4:30 PM! Your scenario might be picked as our topic of focus.

Only 12 people will be accepted per chat to allow time for everyone’s questions to be answered.

To receive a Zoom link, you must:

Register today at EventBrite.


Missed a chat? Recordings available for $7.50.

  • May 2022: Shy and Fearful Cats


  • The group format was great, I’ve never attended one like this so it was a new, welcome experience.
  • I liked the topic and hearing what others are experiencing with their cats.
  • It was a relaxed conversation and group so I really liked the format.
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