Let’s Talk Cats Workshops!

Paris hid a lot in a litter box at our local shelter. Being given the choice of when to interact was key to her heart. She is now happily living in a home.

Join fellow cat lovers and myself as we talk about cat behavior or training. The even months will focus on behavior and the odd months will focus on training.

September Chat

Do you wonder what cat agility is? Would you like to know how to train your cats in this team sport? Join me to talk about cat agility on Saturday, September 10, at 4:00 PM.

Fellow cat lovers will share their experiences and insights. Volunteers in animal welfare are welcome. Two submitted scenarios will be picked to discuss.

I’ll share what I’ve learned from working with my own cats. All three of them have their own unique backgrounds and personalities, which meant taking a different approach with each of them when teaching agility. I’ll also give tips on teaching kittens how to do agility.

Are you ready to get started? Reserve your seat now! Only 12 people will be accepted per chat (The event will be recorded and links sent to registrants who can’t attend the event.)

To receive a Zoom link, you must:

Register today at EventBrite.


Missed a chat? Recordings available for $7.50.

  • May 2022: Shy and Fearful Cats
  • August 2022: Mismatched Play Styles


  • The group format was great, I’ve never attended one like this so it was a new, welcome experience.
  • I liked the topic and hearing what others are experiencing with their cats.
  • It was a relaxed conversation and group so I really liked the format.
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