Group Support


Are you an animal shelter looking for expert support for your cat’s unique behavioral needs? Allison Helps Cats has the solutions for you.

  • Webinar with Q&A ($25/student, minimum of 10): Learn about your cat’s needs. Watch a 40-minute presentation and follow-up with questions. Topics include: Cat 101, Basic Care, Introductions, and Unwanted Behaviors.
  • Interactive Online Classes ($100/student, minimum of 5): Develop your cats’ skills and boost their confidence. Receive four 1-hour sessions of small group in-depth support through tutorials, discussions, and activities. Topics include: Enrichment, Socialization, Training, and Family Fun.


My cat classes are online and interactive. They include lessons, discussions, demos (live or through video), and activity-based homework.

Length and Size: Classes run an hour. I typically offer one session per week for a total of four sessions. If a guest expert is available, the class will run five weeks. Class size should be small; five is ideal and ten would be maximum.

Platforms: Classes meet once a week on Zoom. During our time together, I present a lesson, we discuss the material, and I assign activities based on the lesson. Between sessions, students are expected to stay in contact with me and their peers through Google Classroom. Outside of our time together, I will use post questions for students to discuss and supplementary material based on needs. Students should submit homework to Google Classroom. I will provide specific feedback in the forum and general feedback during class time.

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