How It Works


  • Send a brief description of your cat’s behavior through Contact Me,, or Facebook. Please also let me know if you’re interested in my monthly cat behavior chat, one-hour telephone call, bi-monthly group classes, or behavior packages.
  • If you choose one of the first two, I will sign you up for the next available timeslot. For the coaching sessions, I will send you an Intake Questionnaire and Consent to Treat Form to fill out and return. These will enable me to better understand your situation.
  • Upon receipt of these forms and your deposit, I will schedule a Zoom call. During the call, I will advise how I can help with your cat’s situation and provide you with a packet of relevant checklists.
  • Coaching sessions include an online tour of your home, eight weekly check-ins, and an exit survey. At each weekly check-in, you will discuss steps to implement and your progress with them. You will also receive a PDF of the check-in. Payment for check-ins will be due prior to the online tour of your home.
  • When your cat’s behavioral situation has been resolved, I will send you an Exit Survey and a Media Release form. Your vet will also receive a one-page summary of our consult.


I offer a research-based approach to cat behavior modification and training. This includes positive reinforcement and an adherence to the principles of LIMA (least intrusive minimal aversive) behavior strategies.

In working with me, please understand this is a team effort that includes you, me, and your vet.

  • You and I will follow a weekly plan to change your cat’s behavior.
  • You will be actively involved each week in implementing the steps outlined, submitting photos and/or videos, and discussing on your progress.
  • Your vet will be consulted for their medical expertise and appraised of our work.

To start this process, send a brief description of your cat’s behavior to Contact Me,, or Facebook. I will ask you a few questions. If you choose one-on-one coaching support, I will send you an Intake Questionnaire and Consent to Treat Form to fill out.

Intake Behavior Questionnaire: This is an in-depth questionnaire that asks you about your cat’s history, home environment, lifestyle, behavior, and training, as well as your expectations. This questionnaire is key to helping me to assess your cat’s behavior and pinpoint problem areas to address.

Virtual Visit: A visit allows me to meet your cat, see your cat in its natural environment, and observe your cat’s interactions with people and pets. We will discuss your intake questionnaire, address any input or concerns you might have, and decide on initial strategies. My goal is to develop a plan that not only benefits your cat but meets your lifestyle too. The initial home visit typically takes a couple of hours. At the end, I will leave you with a packet of information to get you started. We will also schedule your first check-in.

* In lieu of an in-person visit, you will show me your home via a Zoom session. Handouts will be emailed to you.

Check-Ins: There will be a total of eight check-ins, 60 minutes each. At each check-in, you will receive a series of implementation steps. We will discuss the science behind them and I will provide you with examples. We will also talk about how to apply the steps to your cats and how to collect data to determine the success of the step. You will be required to collect data and submit videos for your homework. Weekly check-ins allows us to adjust our approach as needed.

Exit Survey: The survey will summarize the results of our consult and provide you with the chance to give me feedback.


  • A $40 deposit is required for an initial Zoom consult.
  • If you purchase a package, a $200.00 payment is due after initial consult.
  • If you purchase one-on-one coaching, certain other conditions apply.
    • We will proceed with a subsequent implement step, only AFTER you have submitted your homework (data) from the week.
    • Should you miss one month of steps, I will consider our case closed. You are responsible for being actively involved in implementing this plan and reporting on your progress.

Interested in my cat services? I offer cat behavior consultations, training in obedience and agility, and support for basic care, enrichment, and socialization. I am also available to do group chats, classes, and presentations. My business uses the Least Invasive and Minimally Aversive methods and is based on research-based scientific principles.


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