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Rainy is so social that she lets me wrap her around my shoulders

Are you a cat owner looking for expert support for your cat’s unique behavioral needs? Allison Helps Cats is your solution!


Let’s Talk Cat Behavior Workshops ($15): Discuss cat behavior experiences with fellow cat owners. No discussion of aversives. Follow Allison Helps Cats and subscribe to the AHC newsletter to attend. You will be sent an invoice prior to the workshop.

One Hour Call ($100): Does your cat have a variety of small issues that you want advice for? This one-hour service is for you!

  • Review of paperwork
  • One-hour virtual call
  • Short list of recommendations and resources
  • Behavior plan summary for your vet

Packages ($350-$525-$700): Does your cat have a major issue? This multi-session option is for you! Packages include these features:

  • Virtual home visit
  • Multiple check-ins
  • Extensive teaching
  • PDFs of the content
  • 8 & 12 week package: demos, practice
  • Behavior plan summary for you and your vet


I offer a research-based approach to cat behavior modification and training. This includes positive reinforcement and an adherence to the principles of LIMA (least intrusive minimal aversive) behavior strategies.

In working with me, you must understand that this is a team effort that includes you, me, and your vet.

  • You and I will follow a weekly plan to change your cat’s behavior.
  • You will be actively involved each week in implementing the steps outlined, submitting photos and/or videos, and discussing on your progress.
  • Your vet will be consulted for their medical expertise and appraised of our work.

Behavior Questionnaire: Prior to the start of my behavior package, I will send you my Behavior Questionnaire. It is an in-depth form that asks you about your cat’s history, home environment, lifestyle, behavior, and training, as well as your expectations. This form will help me assess your cat’s behavior and pinpoint problem areas to address.

Meet & Greet: After I receive your questionnaire, I will follow-up with a 30-minute call during which we will overview your current situation, possibly visit with your cats on screen, overview my services and prices, and talk about data collection. If we are a good fit, I will send a Consent To Treat and an invoice for my services.

Data Collection: To resolve your cat’s misbehavior, we will need to problem solve. I will ask you to collect data for a week that shows what preceded your cat’s problem behavior, who was nearby, when and where the behavior happened, and what happened after your cat’s problem behavior. This will provide us with a baseline, and also possibly with the trigger for your cat’s behavior. Throughout our consultation, I may ask you to repeat this data collection.

Virtual Home Visit: A visit allows me to observe your cat in its home environment, along with observe your cat’s interactions with your family. The virtual home visit will count as the first check-in. I will ask follow-up questions and review any data and/or media you’ve sent. (You may elect to send a map and video ahead of time that gives me a tour of your home from your cat’ s perspective and to answer follow-up questions through email.)

Behavior Plan: After I receive paperwork and payment, I will create a behavior plan. In it, I will cover distant and current antecedents, motivating operations, interventions tried, possible reinforcers, vet report, medical and physiological factors, antecedent changes, consequence changes, and maintenance of new behavior. I will also create a series of implementation steps and decide what info and training is needed for these to be successful, all of which will form the basis of our check-ins.

Virtual Check-Ins: Check-ins are typically 50 minutes each, weekly to start, and include a slide presentation. At each check-in, I’ll provide information that will help you understand your cat’s behaviors and a series of implementation steps for working with your cat. Demos and practice might be included, depending on the number of weeks you pick. Because check-ins allow us to adjust our approach as needed, for eight and twelve week packages, we might decide to hold them bi-weekly or monthly.

Homework: At the end of each check-in, we will decide together on your homework, based on the information we covered. Homework for weekly check-ins will be due two days prior to check-in. We will only meet if homework is submitted in a timely matter. No matter the frequency that we meet, data and videos will be due weekly, so that your cats can continue to progress.

Exit Survey: This survey will provide you with the chance to provide feedback on my service to you. Upon completing it, you will have the option to join the AHC Social Club and/or AHC Think Tank. After I receive it, I will also send a summary of our work together to you and your vet, along with AHC swag,

Membership Options: Caring for a cat can be similar to parenting a child in that you might always continue to look for new ways to improve your cat’s behavior. For that reason, after you’re initial goal for your cat’s behavior has been met, you’ll have the option to join my private Facebook groups: AHC Social Club and AHC Think Tank. The first is available for free to clients and the second is available for a monthly fee.


  • If you purchase a package, other conditions also apply.
    • We will proceed with a subsequent implement step, only AFTER you have submitted your homework from the week.
    • Barring emergencies, should you fail to prepare for or miss two check-ins, I will consider our case closed. You are responsible for being actively involved in implementing this plan and reporting on your progress.
  • Big Three Cases: For cases involving any of the big three behaviors (elimination, scratching, aggression), unless I advise otherwise, you must purchase an 8-week package.
  • Aggression Cases: The adults must attend the Meet & Greet and all family members must attend at least one check-in session.
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