“Let’s Talk Cats” Workshops

Matt was a feral who used to hide in his hutch at our local cat shelter and hiss at anyone who came near him. Treats were the way to his heart and he finally found his forever adoptive home.

“The group format was great. I’ve never attended one like this, so it was a new, welcome experience.”

Workshop Format

Do you have a group of six or more that would like to learn more about cat behavior? Hire me to answer questions about cat behavior or training with other cat owners. 50% of proceeds are donated to a cat owner in need or an animal welfare group that helps cats.

Registration will be available through Event Brite. The event will be held through Zoom, unless otherwise arranged. I require a minimum of six and allow a maximum of 12 people per workshop.

All attendees must agree to the following conditions:

The event will be held only if the minimum number of attendees register. Refunds will be issued only if the event is cancelled.

The event will be recorded. If you register but are unable to attend, a link to the recording will be emailed to you.

All of my paid services come with a subscription to the AHC e-newsletter and an invitation to the AHC social club after your service has been completed and your feedback has been received.

“I liked the topic and hearing what others are experiencing with their cats.”

Workshop Archives

Missed a chat? Recordings available for $10.00.

  • May 2022: Shy and Fearful Cats
  • August 2022: Mismatched Play Styles
  • September 2022: Cat Agility

“It was a relaxed conversation and group so I really liked the format.”


Why should I hire you?

I work exclusively with cats, am near a completion of a cat behavior certification program, offer options for cat owners with a tight budget, and have access to other cat behavior consultants for additional support. For my multi-session packages, I offer guidance beyond a behavior plan via my check-ins.

Do you guarantee your services?

My consultations use research-based methods, but the success of a case depends on numerous factors, and sometimes a home will not be the right fit for the cat. I do guarantee that after we’re finished working together, you’ll have a better understanding of your cat’s behavior, and we’ll have reached a resolution.

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