Multi-Session Classes

Star, Blackie, and Silver were all fearful cats when they came to our local cat shelter.. Treats and toys were key to their hearts. Two of them are now happily living in a home. Blackie greets visitors at the door of his shelter room and would welcome an adoptive home.

Current Class: Kitten Kindergarten

This class meets for 40 minutes on Saturdays at 10:15 for 8 weeks, April 8th through May 27th, 2023. To learn more about this class, click the button below and select one of the sections. (The sections are both the same, they’re just at different times.)

“I know we got our money’s worth. I can only compare it to puppy classes and I think it was organized very well. The folders were great for us to go back and look at things.

Class Format

  • Learn how to develop the skills of cats and to boost their confidence
  • Expand your knowledge of cat behavior, cat enrichment, and healthy cat environments
  • Attend four 1-hour small group sessions
  • Receive lessons, demos, and activities
  • Topics include: Kitten Kindergarten, Enrichment, Training, and Family Fun

Length: Classes will typically run 60 minutes for four weeks. The exception will be Kitten Kindergarten in April and in October. Those classes will run 40 minutes for eight weeks.

Size: Class size should be small; six is ideal and twelve would be the maximum.

Location: Through a partnerhip with the Capital Humane Society, classes will be offered in the multi-purpose at the Pieloch Adoption Center, 6500 S 70th St.

Format: I present a mini-lesson and we will discuss the material. When feasible, there will be hands-on activities based on the lesson.

Homework: Between sessions, students are expected to stay in contact with me and their peers through email. I will send a copy of the lessons and instructions for activities to practice. Students should submit photos and videos to me during the week via email. I will provide feedback in a group email.

All of my paid services come with a subscription to the AHC e-newsletter and an invitation to the AHC social club after your service has been completed and your feedback has been received.

“It was great to get information to help socialize cats, and hear different things that were working or not working for different people. Some of the tricks were very helpful.


Why should I hire you?

I am a certified behavior cat consultant, work exclusively with cats, offer options for cat owners with a tight budget, have access to other cat behavior consultants for additional support, and partner with animal welfare groups. For my multi-session packages, I offer guidance beyond a behavior plan via my multiple check-ins.

Do you guarantee your services?

My consultations use research-based methods, but the success of a case depends on numerous factors, and sometimes a home will not be the right fit for the cat. I do guarantee that after we’re finished working together, you’ll have a better understanding of your cat’s behavior, and we’ll have reached a resolution.

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