Multi-Session Packages

Paris hid a lot in a litter box at our local shelter. Being given the choice of when to interact was key to her heart. She is now happily living in her forever home.

Does your cat have a major issue? My multi-session packages include:

  • Virtual home visit
  • Multiple virtual check-ins
  • PDF after each check-in of content covered
  • Behavior plan summary for you and your vet
  • Option to extend Zoom and/or email support
  • Option to join a membership group after service ends

Package Options

  • Transition (introductions, life changes): four 50-minute check-ins, text and email support, option to extend
  • Eliminating/Scratching: six 50-minute check-ins, text and email support, option to extend
  • Aggression/Reintroductions: eight 50-minute check-ins, text and email support, option to extend

Package Details

I offer a research-based approach to cat behavior modification and training. This includes positive reinforcement and an adherence to the principles of LIMA (least intrusive minimal aversive) behavior strategies.

As a condition of hiring me, you must understand that this is a team effort that includes you, me, and your vet.

  • You and I will follow a weekly plan to change your cat’s behavior.
  • You will be actively involved each week in implementing the steps outlined, submitting photos and/or videos, and discussing on your progress.
  • Your vet will be consulted for their medical expertise and appraised of our work.
Behavior Questionnaire

Prior to the start of my behavior package, I will send you my Behavior Questionnaire. It is an in-depth form that asks you about your cat’s history, home environment, lifestyle, behavior, and training, as well as your expectations. This form will help me assess your cat’s behavior and pinpoint problem areas to address.

Meet & Greet

After I receive your questionnaire, I will follow-up with a 30-minute call during which we will overview your current situation, possibly visit with your cats on screen, overview my services and prices, and talk about data collection.

All adults are encouraged to attend the Initial Consult and all family members must attend at least one check-in session. Complex behaviors take a team to change.

There is no cost for the Meet & Greet. As a courtesy for my time, you are encouraged to subscribe to my e-newsletter.

If we are a good fit, I will send a Consent To Treat and an invoice for my services. We will also schedule a regular time to meet.

Data Collection

To resolve your cat’s misbehavior, we will need to problem solve. I will ask you to collect data for a week prior to our first check-in that shows what preceded your cat’s problem behavior, who was nearby, when and where the behavior happened, and what happened after your cat’s problem behavior. This will provide us with a baseline, and also possibly with the trigger(s) for your cat’s behavior. Throughout our consultation, I may ask you to repeat this data collection.

Home Visit

Unless otherwise agreed upon, a home visit will be virtual and 50 minutes in length. You may choose to give me a tour during a scheduled call or to send me a video prior to our first check-in. Either way, I will use the footage to analyze your home from your cat’ s perspective and provide you with feedback on changes to make to better accommodate your cat’s needs.

An in-person visit is an option only for the local area. If we agree that an in-person visit is warranted, please plan on allowing 90 minutes for the visit. You will be charged an extra $55 for the additional time.

Behavior Plan

After I receive paperwork and payment, I will create a behavior plan. In it, I will cover distant and current antecedents, motivating operations, interventions tried, possible reinforcers, vet report, medical and physiological factors, antecedent changes, consequence changes, and maintenance of new behavior. I will also create a series of implementation steps and decide what info and training is needed for these to be successful, all of which will form the basis of our check-ins.

Virtual Check-Ins

Check-ins are typically 50 minutes each, weekly to start, and include a slide presentation. At each check-in, I’ll provide information that will help you understand your cat’s behaviors and a series of implementation steps for working with your cat. Demos and practice might be included, depending on the number of check-ins you pick.

Assigned Activities

At the end of each check-in, we will decide together on activities for you to do between meetings. Activities for check-ins will be due two days prior to check-in. We will only meet if homework is submitted in a timely matter. No matter the frequency that we meet, data and videos will be due weekly, so that your cats can continue to progress.

Exit Survey

This survey will provide you with the chance to provide feedback on my service to you. Upon completing it, you will have the option to join the AHC Social Club and/or AHC Think Tank. After I receive it, I will also send a summary of our work together to you and your vet, along with AHC swag,

Support Options

Caring for a cat can be similar to parenting a child in that you might continue to look for new ways to improve your cat’s behavior. For that reason, after your initial goal for your cat’s behavior has been met, you’ll have the option to join my Facebook Social Club and my Client Catch-Up Group Calls. The first is available for free to clients and the second is available for a monthly fee.


Why should I hire you?

I am a certified behavior cat consultant, work exclusively with cats, offer options for cat owners with a tight budget, have access to other cat behavior consultants for additional support, and partner with animal welfare groups. For my multi-session packages, I offer guidance beyond a behavior plan via my multiple check-ins.

Do you guarantee your services?

My consultations use research-based methods, but the success of a case depends on numerous factors, and sometimes a home will not be the right fit for the cat. I do guarantee that after we’re finished working together, you’ll have a better understanding of your cat’s behavior, and we’ll have reached a resolution.

Why do I have to fill out a Questionnaire?

Just like doctors and veterinarians will ask you to fill out a questionnaire before they will see you, I also need information about your cat before I can proceed. The Questionnaire will provide me with a more complete picture by asking about your cat’s background, personality, environment, behavior history, enrichment, and more.

What if I hire you and then change my mind?

Before you commit to package, we will meet virtually to discuss your package and service. You will only be invoiced, should we both decide we’re the right fit for each other. I will only begin writing a behavior plan after I receive your payment, and at that time there will be no refunds. I reserve the right to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Do you ever dismiss a client?
  • If you arrive unprepared for or miss two consecutive check-ins, I will consider your case closed. Cat behavior issues take time to develop and time to change. If you’re unable to invest the time, it’ll be impossible for me to help your cat.
  • My consultations are based on LIMA (Least Invasive Minimal Aversive) methods. You must agree to not use punishment, if you want me as your cat behavior consultant.
Why do you need to do a Home Visit?

A Home Visit allows me to see where you cat lives and provides me with important information about your cat’s safe areas, escape routes, and resources.

Why do you only offer packages for major issues?

Chances are before you contacted me, you’d already surfed the internet for articles and videos about cat behavior. You’d probably also tried some interventions that didn’t resolve your cat’s behavior. You need an expert to advise you on what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and how to best proceed. Packages allow me to provide you with ongoing guided support.

What if I can’t afford your packages?

Ask about my installment plan, my classes or workshops, or my free content.

What do packages include?

A package includes a virtual home visit, a specified set of check-ins, and a behavior plan.

What does a check-in include?

With each check-in, you’ll receive information about cat behavior tailored to your situation and be assigned activities to do that fit your situation.

  • If you need help with your cat going outside the litter box, we’ll collect data to determine the reasons and then try solutions tailored to fit that data.
  • If you need help with reintroducing your cats, we’ll talk about how to identify body language, reinforcers, and triggers, and then complete activities intended to help your cats to slowly accept one another.
How long is each check-in?

Each check-in is an average of fifty minutes. You’ll also be expected to complete activities between check-ins.

How frequent are check-ins?

Check-ins are typically every two weeks.

Do I need to take notes?

No. I’ll send a PDF of our check-in, along with any links or handouts relevant to discussions that arose from our check-in.

What if I need to cancel a check-in?

Please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule your check-in. If you simply don’t show, you forfeit the check-in. I reserve the right to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Will there be homework?

After each check-in, I’ll recommend activities to do. You’re expected to complete these and send email/video updates, so that I can best determine what new info and demos to share, and for you to make the most progress. Should you be unable to complete activities during the assigned time frame, we’ll either complete them during a check-in or reschedule a check-in.

Can I email you between check-ins?

Absolutely! Please send me updates, photos, videos, and questions. This info will help me to better for our check-ins. If questions are timely, I’ll do my best to answer prior to our next scheduled check-in.

What if at the end of the package I choose, I’d like to hire you for additional time?

You will have these options:

  • Package Extension: Reserves your scheduled spot for a designated number of consecutive check-ins.
  • Call-As-You-Go: Sets up calls as you need them that fit both our schedule.
  • Email-As-You-Go: Allows you to email me weekly with updates and concerns.
  • Client Group Catch-Up: Provides support beyond your behavior package. Offers opportunity to chat with other clients and to ask questions for issues not covered in consultations.

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