Shelter Case: A Tribute to Matt

Two years ago, when I started to help socialize the fearful cats at our local shelter, Matt was the first cat who stole my heart. I wanted to adopt him and take him home with me. Matt spent most of his life on the streets. Within his first year of life, he had been trapped,Continue reading “Shelter Case: A Tribute to Matt”

How To: When Cats Hate Carriers

Whether you want to take your cat to the vet, travel with your cat, or be prepared in case of an emergency, a carrier is essential. What should you look for in a carrier and how do you train your cat to like it? Read on for the answers. CARRIER FEATURES When looking for aContinue reading “How To: When Cats Hate Carriers”

Client Case: Counter Surfing & Night Vocalizing

In the first year of my running Allison Helps Cats, I offered free consultations to individuals who had helped promote my business. One of those individuals had a cat with two relatively minor behavior issues. The first issue was that her cat jumped on counters and the second issue was that her cat meowed excessivelyContinue reading “Client Case: Counter Surfing & Night Vocalizing”