“Never thought I’d see this. We thank you so much.
She’s a happy girl.”



Allison was willing to be flexible and understanding of my work situation and finances. I appreciated all of the education I received and encouragement to make the relationship with my cats much more interactive. She taught me so many helpful strategies and tips that have helped me to understand my cats more than just their meows. Allison really gave me hope that my problem would be resolved. With her help, my cats are honestly living their best life. Peeing outside of the litter box is not such a big stressor for me anymore. Now I can actually focus and enjoy the relationships I have with my cats.


I appreciated your kindness and compassion. You were great!


I have a male cat that started marking. We set up a intro zoom meeting and she gave me some suggestions. Those suggestions were things I had not thought of or read online while doing research. I have not needed to contact her again, as he has not marked as often and we are constantly adjusting things. I highly recommend reaching out to Allison if you are having issues with your cat. She is knowledgeable and professional. I won’t hesitate to reach out to her if I need assistance with this issue or any other situations in the future.


I really liked that you genuinely wanted to help me find a solution and took all things into consideration with the different medical and behavioral issues. I appreciate that you put a lot of time into the information you provided so that it would be helpful and asked for feedback from other experts when needed as well. It might have been quite a bit of info at times, but I would rather have too much than not enough.

Many of the suggestions you provided were very valuable in particular some of the different kinds of paw sensitive litters, moving the liter boxes to other areas, and providing different kinds of litter boxes that are easier for the cats to use for instance was very helpful. Sometimes just making a few simple changes can really make a difference in whether a cat wants to use the litter box or not.


The weekly appointments and the wrap up email of what we covered were excellent. You’re very thorough! I appreciated your experience and your access to other professionals.


You really listened and understood me. ​You gave me many solutions.  Talking with you increased my intrigue with cat behavior.  Your follow up has been supportive and enlightening. You valued my input about your initial registration form and improved it accordingly, thus covering what could be improved.


Thank you so much for your help. I truly appreciate it. She has been so lovey and cuddly now. She loves going anywhere I go. Whatever I’m doing or whatever room I’m in, she has to be in with me or do what I’m doing with me. Thank you. I have my best friend back! And I love it so much.


Thank you for the thorough and thoughtful consideration of the behavioral issues at hand. I appreciated the training techniques you offered, the handouts which I could review later, and the recommendations of items that could be purchased to help train/modify behavior.


One on one consultation with an expert who created our very own tailored behavioral plan was so helpful. We learned so much from Allison about Loki’s and Ghost’s needs, and so we’ve worked on implementing regular feeding, training, and play times. These changes have benefited both of our cats. We see it in their energy and communication with us. We have been able to have them in the same room on halters & leashes for short intervals, and they have continued to progress. The four of us are all very grateful for Allison’s expertise!


Your in depth knowledge and flexible schedule was of immense value to us. We appreciated the step by step slides that you included after every meeting and upon request.


This service was invaluable to us.  There is peace in our home.  All of the cats were distrustful of each other and at times separated in different rooms.  They now play and nap together.  Trying to get one of our cats to go in the crate was a wrestling match and I have the scars to prove it.  All of the cats now willingly go into the crates and enjoy hanging out in them around the house on a daily basis.  My most frightened cat seemed far less frightened at the vet during his last visit and we attribute that to the crate training.  Every creature that lives within a home affects the overall mood of everyone in the home.  To have us all relaxed and enjoying each other’s company is a beautiful thing.  Thank you!


You were knowledgeable and responsive; a great mixture of conceptual information about cat behavior and practical actions for my specific situation. Clear and pleasant communication, information and action steps presented in an easy-to-follow way. It is really nice to have the slides from each session to return to for refreshers. I also appreciated how you included resources for future/ongoing learning and exploration, like the best food puzzle website or various youtube channels.


We liked best the video calls with exact steps that were best for each of our cats. You took time to learn our cats individually and household dynamics in order to best provide feedback to help our situation. We valued the provided videos and slides as they provided great tools. The slides gave great information and provided step by step instruction that we could constantly refer back to. While our cats are not fully integrated back together, I feel we have the appropriate tools and support to get there after time and patience.


Marshmallow and I are getting along really well now. Thank you so much for giving me all the articles to read and your many suggestions that has made Marshmallow a happier cat. I wish the best in your endeavor in helping families who have problems with their cats. Thanks so much again.


You were always responsive and there if I had questions. You were very enthusiastic and encouraging, always praising us for doing a good job. You made me see the positive when I thought it wasn’t working. You went out there and asked around if you didn’t know something from your group and got further support to help. You would give suggestions on how to correct a trick to make it work better after reviewing the video I would send. You never rush the meeting even sometimes going over the hour.


You gave me good ideas and resources about how to solve issues. I appreciated that you offered plenty of resources, so that if one thing didn’t work I could try another.


The weekly summaries to use throughout the week as reference were great. Your emotional support was the most valuable.


Allison was extremely knowledgable. She did her homework before our call by having us fill out a thorough questionnaire and provide videos of the problem behaviors before our session. She offered us many tips; from specific toy suggestions to unique behavioral tips. It was clear that she paid attention to our situation and gave very detailed tips that we’re specific to our cat and not “one size fits all” tips. She was very generous with her time and extended her hour-long call for no charge in order to make sure we covered all topics. We already started putting some of her suggestions into practice and are enjoying a better bond with our cat. We recommend her services!


You were always very constructive and gave good advice.


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