The AHC Team


Allison: I am a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, Trainer, and Educator. I am also a mother of three furkids and several revolving foster cats, a host mom to an international student, and the wife of a supportive husband. Previous hats include that of desktop publisher, Behavioral Aide, web designer, Special Education teacher, and publication coordinator. Originally from Canada, I now have dual citizenship.

Andy: My husband edits my articles, designs and manages my social media, and collaborates on cases. He is a former dad to a toy poodle agility champ and, despite his allergies, he welcomes and cares for cats. He provides a shoulder to lean on, and helps in whatever other ways he can.


  • Lucy: Prior to Lucy (2008-2014), I was a dog lover. Lucy broke all my preconceptions about cats and is the reason my world now revolves around them. 
  • Cinder: A tortoiseshell-and-white cat that we adopted from Hearts United for Animals in 2014, Cinder teaches me about reserved and insecure cats, as well as cat health.
  • Bootsie: A former feral that we adopted from Husker Cats in 2015. Bootsie teaches me about unsocialized and timid cats, as well as about cat health.
  • Rainy: One of our foster successes, Rainy came to us as a kitten in 2015. She is a certified therapy cat and has her own Instagram account. She teaches me about outgoing and confident cats, as well as about non-recognition aggression.


I also want to extend thanks to others whose support has been invaluable.

Jayne Sebbey / University of Nebraka-Lincoln Law School
Jayne and the UNL Law School helped me with different aspects of setting up my business at minimal cost.

Valerie Ingram and Alistair Schroff of Lakes Animal Friendship Society
Valerie and Alistair, a generous pet-loving couple in British Columbia introduced me to the world of humane education. They regularly send me samples of their products, and hired me to design checklists for their publications. We often provide feedback to each other on projects.

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors
This non-profit provides a pet food bank and spay/neuter services. They allowed me to create a pet education blog for them. As a result of writing articles for their blog, I learned that behavior is one of the leading causes of cats being surrendered to shelters.

The Cat House
This is Lincoln’s no-kill cat shelter. The Cat House accepted my husband and me as fosters, refers behavior calls to me, and allows me to work with their challenging behavior cats. My information is included in all their adoption packets.

Cotner Pet Care
Head veterinarian Jody Jones-Skibinski served as guest speaker for my local classes and allowed me to work with their three vet clinic cats, even during the pandemic. We’ve had many cat behavior chats.

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and Pet Professional Guild
Both the IAABC and the PPG are professional organizations for animal behavior and training professionals consultants and trainers working with many species of animals. Being able to consult with other experts in my field has been invaluable to me. I won the Rebecca Park Scholarship from IAABC and sit on the board of the feline committee for the PPG.
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