I am a Cat Behavior Consultant and Trainer, mother of four furkids, and wife of a supportive husband. Previous hats have been that of teacher and journalist. I use my experience with and studies of cats to help cat owners and animal shelters with their individual cat behavior needs. In addition, I connect animal lovers through my membership services and my pet education blog which features informational articles, in-depth reviews, and inspiring interviews. Finally, my youngest cat Rainy and I are a certified cat therapy team. We bring happiness to seniors and youth alike with our visits!

Client Testimonial

“Never thought I’d see this. We thank you so much. She’s a happy girl.”


“You were always responsive and there if I had questions. You were very enthusiastic and encouraging, always praising us for doing a good job. You made me see the positive when I thought it wasn’t working. You went out there and asked around if you didn’t know something from your group and got further support to help. You would give suggestions on how to correct a trick to make it work better after reviewing the video I would send. You never rush the meeting even sometimes going over the hour.”–Michelle

Sample Class Assignments

Ready to move into the future and expand your cat’s world? Cats need social, environmental, and cognitive enrichment. The following videos were submitted by students in my cat training class.

Individual Support

Are you a cat owner looking for expert support for your cat’s unique behavioral needs? Allison Helps Cats has the solutions for you.

  • One-Hour-Call ($100): Does your cat have a variety of small issues that you want advice for? This one-hour service is for you! Receive a 1-hour call, short list of recommendations and resources, and a summary for your vet.
  • Packages ($200-$400): Does your cat have a single behavior issue that you need addressed? Pick a package of four or eight 1-hour Zoom check-in-calls.
  • Pay-As-You-Go ($120 minimum + $60/hour): Does your cat have a complex behavior issue that you need addressed? This multi-session support provides flexibility in the number, duration, and frequency of check-ins.

Group Support

Are you an animal shelter looking for expert support for your cat’s unique behavioral needs? Allison Helps Cats has the solutions for you:

  • Webinars ($20/student, minimum of 10): Learn about your cat’s needs. Watch a 40-minute presentation and follow-up with questions. Topics include: Cat 101, Basic Care, Introductions, and Unwanted Behaviors.
  • Interactive Online Classes ($80/student, minimum of 5): Develop your cats’ skills and boost their confidence. Receive four 1-hour sessions of small group in-depth support through tutorials, discussions, and activities. Topics include: Enrichment, Socialization, Training, and Family Fun.

Free Support

Are you just looking for some information or for quick answers on cats? Allison Helps Cats has the solutions for you:

  • Educational content:
  • Facebook Cat Social Group: Want to hang out with other users of Allison’s Cats services? Become an e-mail subscriber and utilize any of my services at least once, and receive an invite to the Allison Helps Cats’ Social Club. Share stories, photos, trivia, and other fun cat stuff with other cat lovers within a private Facebook group.