Allison Helps Cats

Upcoming Class: Kitten Kindergarten

Registration for my next class will be available in June!

Individual Support

  • Behavior Call : Receive answers to minor issues during a 50-minute call. Follow-up includes a list of recommendations and a summary for your vet.
  • Training Call: Receive training support for basic care, carrier usage, manners, or agility during a 50-minute call.. Follow-up includes instructions and video demos.
  • Packages: Receive guided support that goes beyond a behavior plan. Purchase a package of four, six, or eight 50-minute Zoom check-ins that include a virtual home visit and weekly consultations.

Group Support

  • Let’s Talk Cats Workshops (minimum of 6): Do you have a group of six or more that would like to learn more about cat behavior? Hire me to answer questions about cat behavior or training with other cat owners. 50% of proceeds are donated to a cat owner in need or an animal welfare group that helps cats. Email me for info!
  • Multi-Session Classes (minimum of 4): Develop your cats’ skills and boost their confidence. Expand your knowledge of cat behavior, cat enrichment, and healthy cat environments. Attend four 1-hour sessions of small group in-depth support through tutorials, discussions, and activities. Topics include: Kitten Kindergarten, Enrichment, Training, and Family Fun. Email me for info!


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