Two cats who turned aggressive after an episode of non-recognition aggression are now happily reunited.


  • Control Unleashed: Meow What
  • Fear Free: Shelter Certification
  • HSUS: Certificate in Cat Retention and Behavior
  • IAABC: Rebecca Park Scholarship, Principles & Practices, Feline Behavior Solutions, Science of Feline Introductions, Lemonade Conference
  • Karen Pryor: Click with Your Cat
  • ICatCare Cat: Cat Introductions
  • Low-Stress Handling University: Low-Stress Handling Silver Level Certification
  • Pet Professional Guild: Cat Aggression Seminar
  • Community Cats Podcast & National Kitten Coalition: Cat Behavior Day, Community Cats, Kitten Conference


  • Former volunteer with Hearts United for Animals and Husker Cats
  • Co-creator of pet education curriculum for Hearts United for Animals
  • Current volunteer with Lincoln Animal Ambassadors and The Cat House
  • Former moderator for Helping Cats with Behavioral Issues and Therapy Cats
  • Pet education articles: All Pet Voices, Cincy Magazine, Community Cats Podcast, IAABC Journal, LAA Pet Talk, Lakes Animal Friendship Society, Lincoln Kids, Lincoln 55+, Neighborhood Extra, TCH Newsletter
  • Owner of Lincoln Pet Culture
  • Teacher of Lincoln’s only Kitten Kindergarten classes
  • Host of Let’s Talk Cats & Let’s Talk Cat Behavior, a monthly Q&A chat
  • Co-Founder of Lancaster 4-H Wonder Cat Club
  • Teacher with Bright Lights: Cat Detectives Camp


  • Hippocampos Online (Land on Your Feet mentorship)
  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Love on a Leash (pet therapy)
  • Pet Professional Guild (member of the Feline Committee)
  • Insurance: Business Insurers of the Carolinas


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