Three cats who turned aggressive after an episode of redirected aggression are now happily reunited.

Individual ($15+) Support

Are you a cat owner looking for expert support for your cat’s unique behavioral needs? Allison Helps Cats has the solutions for you.

  • Let’s Talk Cat Behavior Workshops ($15): Talk about cat behavior or training with a cat expert and other cat owners. The even months will focus on behavior and the odd months will focus on training. Each month will have a theme.
  • Behavior Call ($60): Receive answers to minor issues during a 30-minute call. Follow-up includes a list of recommendations and a summary for your vet.
  • Training Call ($60): Receive training support for basic care, carrier usage, manners, or agility. Hop on Zoom for instructions, demo, and opportunity to practice.
  • Packages ($385-$580): Receive guided support that goes beyond a behavior plan. Purchase a package of four, six, or eight 50-minute Zoom check-ins that include a virtual home visit and weekly consultations.

Group ($30-$120) Support

  • Webinars ($30/student, minimum of 10): Learn about your cat’s needs. Watch a 40-minute presentation and follow-up with questions. Topics include: Cat 101, Basic Care, Introductions, and Unwanted Behaviors.
  • Interactive Online Classes ($120/student, minimum of 5): Develop your cats’ skills and boost their confidence. Receive four 1-hour sessions of small group in-depth support through tutorials, discussions, and activities. Topics include: Enrichment, Socialization, Training, and Family Fun.

Free ($0+) Support

Other Package Factors

  • Transportation for Packages: Within Lincoln city limits, I do not charge extra for transportation time and cost. Outside of Lincoln, I charge 35 cents per mile of round trip driving distance. (Note: My driving distances will always be for the quickest route that avoids interstate highways.)
  • Multiple Cats: Prices are based on a single-cat household or multi-cat households where the behavioral problem is clearly limited to a single cat.
  • Big Three Cases: For cases involving any of the big three behaviors (elimination, scratching, aggression), you must purchase eight to twelve check-ins. Complex behaviors take time to change.
  • Aggression Cases: The adults must attend the Initial Consult and all family members must attend at least one check-in session. Complex behaviors take a team to change.
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